NES Diagnosis Health Mapping

The NES Health Provision is another computerised genius in Total Body Health Diagnosis and Mapping software with an advance technology to perform body energetically analysis to determine the body’s total health status. The results are illustrated in picture of various intensity of colours where red colour bar indicates very severe serious damage or exhausted state of the respected organ; whereas white colour bar indicated homeostatis or balance in the body function or the respective organ. With just a short 3 minutes , when you place your palm on the mouse scanner surface, the results of the health mapping will be displayed on the screen of the monitor.

The results give you a set of very clear pictures on your body health status as the following area :-


Body tolerances to the Earth Magnetic Forces


Organs Strength or Weakness ( include – Body Strength, Blood circulation, Heart, Pituitary, Liver, Stomach, Skin, Kidney, Spleen, Muscles, and etc )


Body Meridian or Energetic highways that are exhausted


Nutrition evaluation and Food intolerance types that affecting body


Body Viral or Virus types possible affecting body health include Hepatitis A , B , C , Bronchitis , Influenza and etc


Body Functions include blood circulation, female or male functions, nerves functions and etc


Pollutants that sensitive and affecting body health


Emotional status include liberation, sympathy, concentration, courage, hopefulness, charisma, will power, fulfillment and emotional stress level