About Us

“Edde Homeopathy Medic was establish since 2005. Edde Homeopathy Medic provide classical homeopathy consultation & treatments, book and remedial trading, NES Health Clinical Body Diagnosis & Health Mapping and online healthcare treatments. Edde Homeopathy Medic managed by Dr Edde Chan Yi Jin a professional homeopath with vast clinical experiences.

Edde Homeopathy Medic are capable to provide professional services to chronic and acute clients. Edde Homeopathy has the Malaysian Homeopathy Medical Council licence to practice in Malaysia and also a member of the Malaysian Homeopathy Medical Association. Edde Homeopathy Medic business beside clinical treatment and diagnosis, it also has business in Homeopathy and Natural Healing Books trading , Homeopathy Remedies Trading , Malaysia Agent for Kamallab brand from Pakistan, Nes Health Clinical Diagnosis Tools , Infoceuticals and supplements.

Edde Homeopathy Medic also conduct online consultation and treatment for outstation clients in Malaysia and Oversea with moderate fees. The company also conduct training and education on homeopathy short courses for people who interest to take care for the family, house breadwinner, housewives , child nursery homecare operators, natural healers, medical doctors , organic food product shop owners, and alternative medicine supporters and fitness centre operators.

Edde Homeopathy Medic always conduct public awareness talks on How to Maintain Body Healthy, Vitality and Beauty with Natural Homeopathy Therapy. We also conduct the talks at our office, organic shop premises and at hotels.

Edde Homeopathy Medic has a lot of success cases in treatment for Diabetes, Denggi Fever, Insomnia, Emotional Stress, Grief, Suicidal Tendency, Emotional Disturbances, Calcium deficiency , Asthma, Gout, Tumor, Cancer, Menstrual Menses Problems, Bulimia, Heart Disease with Bypass, Hypertension and Hypotension, Skin problems, Hair Grey and Dropping Hairs, Problem childs , Hyperactive Child, ADHD child and Baby sickness problems.

Ideal Referral for Edde Homeopathy Medic are clients who want second opinions on their health problems like cancer, tumor, heart bypass, diabetes, fibroid , cyst, gallstone , kidney stones, gangrene, constipation, menstrual problems, insomnia, hyperactive children, Emotional disturbances, chronic disease of all kinds , pregnancy to avoid inherited disease and sexual problems in man and women.

Health is Wealth, with good health you get wealth, Without good health we are sick and drain wealth.”