Strange Case – Nightly Forbia and Dandrum

A few strange cases of people come for treatment on nightly forbia and dandrums . A man age 30 years old, come to me for treatments. Symtoms like dandrum , holding a knife to wallop his wife and knocking heads on wall and see many insects on flour during bath and feels a lot ants on head hairs and drops on floor. Very excited fear and restlessness and need to bath to clean those disturbances.

Few doses of homeopathy to bring back his disturbances to 70% normal and can rest normal and still got a little arguement with his wife but no seeing ants on feeling of ants on head.  Holding knife to wallops wife also no more.

So people got this strange weird sickness can contact me for treatment.  Thank you. Please share out. Appreciated . Help others is helping ourself.  God will always bless us.

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