Body Energy Mapping and Treatments

Body as we may know consist of  the followings :-   a. physical body with organs and bones ,  skins with internal circulation system ( blood and body fluid ) and nerve system with the master command is Brain

The Body Energy Diagnosis will help you to know your body well in all as a whole and find out what happen to them and how well it goes in your life activities and traumas if there are  or any injuries you may experienced.

From the Body Energy Diagnosis Mapping , you can find your body organ profiles signal of normal or exhaustion or unhealthy. similar to system like blood circulation organ activities and etc.  Nerve system where go some exhaustion and cause discomfort or aching or hormonal system disturbances and cause by what issues or why ? You can find also some details on nutrients and pollutants profile to name out the culprit root causes to your health issues .

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